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Lingam Massage & More

About Me

Age: 37

Hair: long, brunette

Eyes: brown

Size: 20, busty BBW

Bust: E cup

Height: 5'1

Ethnicity: Euro Kiwi, part Indian

Caters to: Men

Hey you, I'm Carla, and I've been very passionate about providing outstanding sensual massage since 2013. I've always been told I'm good with my hands, however I believe there's always something else that can be learned or improved on. This along with the genuine delight I get from showing you profound pleasure is what has driven me to learn tantric lingam techniques and complementary services such as Rosebud massage.



If there's anything sensual you're interested in exploring that you think would be a good fit for my services then please let me know, and I will consider learning it.


Collecting beautiful lingerie is a hobby of mine, and this is a bonus for you also as I love to be seen in it! 

When I'm not having fun making gentlemen writhe in ecstasy beneath my hands or hunting gorgeous lingerie I enjoy cooking (especially with exotic spices), reading and dining out. I adore thriller and horror movies and I love catching new ones at Wellington's Embassy Theatre. Nothing makes me melt quite like cute cats and otters, and I find octopuses fascinating and endearing creatures. 

If you have experienced my service and would like to show appreciation, there is no better way to do so than by writing a review of your experience with me. As well as a delight to read, reviews are a fantastic resource that encourage other gentlemen to try my services and are always hugely appreciated by me. You can write one for my website, or on Adult Forum to reach a wider audience

I do not expect gifts or tips. However if you are looking to spoil me then know that I only drink very sweet wine - Riccadonna is my favourite. I'll happily cook with a Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot though. 

My Services

Lingam Massage
Experience my 2X award-winning lingam sensual massage service and discover why I've been labelled 'The Cock Whisperer'.


Lingam is a relaxed, tantric style of cock massage that uses specific grips and techniques that you've likely never experienced before and focuses on edging, teasing and prolonged pleasure. 


Lingam massage includes nude hot oil massage, body slide, light mutual touching, extended edging lingam relief and breast relief (on request).  

Rosebud massage is a gentle external anal massage which does not include penetration unless requested. It is suited to those who like outside play down below. Prostate massage is internal massage of the prostate and involves anal penetration.


30 Minutes $140/$160 on tour

45 Minutes $160/$180 on tour

60 Minutes $180/$200 on tour

90 Minutes $270

Rosebud Anal Massage: Extra $40

Prostate Massage: Extra $40

Or receive both for $60


I'm excited to announce my new, mutually pleasurable Lingam+ offering. In this highly intimate service you receive all the benefits of my lingam sensual massage, along with enthusiastic French kissing, cuddling, oral on you, intimate breast play and mutual touching. in bookings 60 minutes and over oral on me can be included also. This is a relaxed service where you can pamper and be pampered in return, without pressure to 'perform'. I look forward to exploring this option with you!​


30 Minutes $200

​​​45 Minutes $240

60 Minutes $260

75 Minutes $280

90 Minutes $350


Napier 26 - 28 May

Whanganui 29 - 31 May

Wellington 2 - 4 June

Kapiti 5 - 7 June

Queenstown 9-11 June

Prebooking highly recommended

Contact Me

I'm available for incalls in Christchurch. You can contact me via text and email to arrange an appointment (text confirmation will be required). Note I do not answer calls or voice messages, and I respond to polite, reasonably well crafted messages only.

0223175258 (text only)


I'm available Monday to Friday 10am - 8.30pm and occasional weekends. Advance bookings are preferred and often necessary, especially for morning appointments.


'She returned again and again to the best spots'

Heavenly Hands welcomed me at the door with a deep hug. She was friendly and talkative, yet happy to massage without talking too. Throughout the whole body massage she returned again and again to the best spots, at times teasing and at others more intensely. HH used her whole body to good effect, and dazzled me with her warm smiles as she did so. I really felt like I was the centre of her attention and that attention lead to an amazing orgasm. I wasn't rushed away, and would highly recommend ~ Johnny

'I felt cherished and welcomed and desired'

Joy-filled is the only way to describe the experience If you can imagine a 66 year old unable to sleep and almost paralysed with nerves(my third escort experience in 9 years) ...that was me today, meeting Ms Heavenly Hands for the first time. The notion of being naked (let alone sexual) with someone less than half my age(!) had really un-nerved me...what a waste of energy it was🙏 From the time we met at the door I slowly began to relax..and thanked whatever gods there are for asking for the GFE/ Lingam massage experience...half an hour kissing and fondling ensued before we made it to the bed. She has a gorgeous body that encourages exploration with fingers and mouth and I had the pure joy of bringing her orgasm with my tongue which was an absolute delight for me. What a pleasure to spend time with such a lovely sensual woman; I felt cherished and welcomed and desired. Far too late(I was first too nervous then too busy) the extraordinary Lingam massage began and in my brain I came at least twice (even if ejaculation didn't occur...trying too hard and aware of the clock!) and we both agreed that 90 minutes was just far too short....I'm already planning another (much longer) visit to the most delicious woman I've met...Heavenly Hands💋 The smile on my face as I left her and the lovely sensual hug remains and the memories are mine forever.... and so delicious😘 ~John

'When we parted at the door a little later with a kiss  and another trade mark genuine  hug, I felt a curious mixture of regret at leaving and of invigorated masculinity that made me feel ten feet tall'

It was hot humid and damp. About right for an overcast day in Paraparaumu in late March. It was going to get more so very soon. After a wonderfully polite and warm series of texts I stood at a sliding door and was greeted with a generous smile a mile wide and as genuine a welcome as I have ever experienced from an escort. The demure attire hinted at the glorious form beneath and I am not ashamed to admit to having my breath taken away. A polite and extraordinarly pretty woman proferred a warm embrace which i fell into gratefully. Carla introduced herself and i headed for the shower after a long morning on the road. As i looked back I caught a glance of this magnificent woman as she sashayed to the bedroom, her negligee casually fell from one shoulder. I knew this would be something extraordinary today. When I entered the room there she was, a vision of feminine pulchritude reclining on the bed in a very sexual attitude. Carla loves her lingerie and boy does it love her. Her curves, like her compliments, are generous and fulsome and I felt privileged to be in the same room with her. The conversation flowed immediately and a connection made that enhanced the whole experience to the next level. She intuitively knew what I needed and provided it with a care and attention above and beyond my experiences of escorts past. I had booked the gfe and sensual massage and my only regret was that i did not have more time to spare. A restrained and caring massage flowed nicely into some of the best breast sweeping I have encountered. Hardly surprising because Carla is truly gifted with the most wonderful pair of breasts. A man could happliy die between them. She chose her moment to demurely ask if I was ready for oral with a coquettishly tilted head and a hint of devilment in her smile. Perfect. Just perfect. Her skills in this area didnt disappoint. And like all her services, it leaves you with a sensation of being cared for and the centre of attention. No going through the motions with this paragon of womanhood. Her attention to detail was genuine. From there she effortlessly and seemlessly climbed above me and tantalised me for what seemed like an eternity of agony before she slowly slid down on my waiting body making the most of every inch on the way down. There are no words for just how sensual and erotic were the ensuing minutes. Or was it hours or days? Time stopped. She didnt. I was lost. Afterwards we lay entangled in each others arms. Her curvaceous nylon encased leg draped over my hip. Just pure bliss. When I had recovered I felt a desperate need to reciprocate what this beautiful girl had done and she allowed me to pleasure her in return. If you get opportunity gentlemen I strongly urge you to take it. Her reaction is genuine and so damn sexy and she is a joy to give oral to. But you must earn it. Respect and politeness are paramount. Still thirsting for more as this amazing woman kept me hard for the full two hours, she began to take me on a sensual massage adventure that drove me insane and the consequent realease coincided with a deep passionate kiss that rode my second climax perfectly. There was nothing left. We drifted off in each others embrace as perfect lovers do. When we parted at the door a little later with a kiss and another trade mark genuine hug, I felt a curious mixture of regret at leaving and of invigorated masculinity that made me feel ten feet tall. That is what pretty Carla will do for you. And do yourself a favour and thoroughly read her website before you book. Her intelligence and articulation will make you want her more and though she does not ask, you can pick up hints at little gifts you can provide which I promise you will make your time with her even more extraordinary. Personally, I went for the cheese. Do not cheat yourself of one of lifes moments of perfection. This one is worth it. ~Mark

'Great to be immersed in her craftsmanship'

Thinking I needed what Carla offered on NZGirls I arrived somewhat apprehensive. Anticipating that I was going to be in the company of very confident capable queen of massage was daunting yet desirable. However my first impression was not intimidating at all. More like someone I'd chatted to on regular bus rides and been enticed to a private visit ;-) What a lovely sweet woman! When it came to kneeling next to me on the bed with hands molding my cock it was as if she was a potter creating a work of art. Great to be immersed in her craftsmanship. I've since discovered her blogs on her website which fill out the picture nicely. But I dont think you'll realise how sweet she is until you meet her in person. After several full on days at work I'd spent the earlier part of the day clambering up on the Port Hills to de-stress. Enjoying a decent back massage, turning over for a couple of treats and then some unhurried conversation was great therapy. ~Man

'...she didn't just get me there, I had a full body Orgasm'

BFG and Heavenly Hands Yabba Dabba Doo Introduction It had been 14 months and 9 days since I had even been naked in the same room as another person. Bills were all paid so i decided to treat myself. I am closer to 50 than 40 not as fit or athletic as I once was and I now suffer from performance anxiety. For whatever reason i can struggle to stay like the sky tower. I can also count on one hand in the last several years the number of visits where I haven't had to take over to finish What I wanted from this visit was to be able to shut my mind off and put myself in the hands/body of a master. A virtual cock whisperer so to speak. Someone who could play my mind and body like an Elgar Cello Heavenly Hands has lots of accolades and awesome reviews. Leading me to decide she could provide the experience I was after My expectations for this visit were quite high. I wanted to walk in l(clothed) lie down (naked) and not have to "guide" or "interact" until hopefully I had been bought to climax Verdict I'll admit I had some high hopes/expectations for this visit. Well they were met and then completely exceeded There is a reason for the accolades and amazing reviews. Heavenly Hands is that good. One of those experiences where when you leave. you kick yourself for not visiting sooner In terms of juicy details all I will say is she didn't just get me there, I had a full body Orgasm. I left Grinning that grin that lasts for ages completely elated. ~BFG

'It is the sort of massage that makes you feel like you have melted into a big puddle!'

It was with some glee, I noticed Carla was passing through Wellington last week so I took the opportunity to book an hour for a SM. It had been two years since my previous visit with Carla although the memory of that visit was fresh in my mind. The delightful HH is the quintessential BBW and she loves to dress I n exquisite lingerie that highlights her gorgeous curves. I quick shower to freshen up and a fantastic back rub commenced. It is the sort of massage that makes you feel like you have melted into a big puddle! Then came to time to turnover and the old fella was treated to Carlas special skills. I am not sure how she does it but it actual feels like 4 or 5 hands gently rubbing and teasing the nether regions, repeatedly taking me right to the edge of control. An hour or so in the Heavenly Hands of Carla is an experience that should not be missed. ~Geordielad

'she sure really is a cock whisperer'

'...anyone who wants to experience heaven on earth should spend time with Carla'

I first spent time with Carla about a year ago and I was lonely and feeling really self conscious about my body. I had read about Carla and decided to give her a call. When I finally got time to see her I was a nervous wreck but as soon as she opened the door the sight of this stunning lady relaxed me. Carla took me in hand and made me feel very comfortable. Carla loves her lingerie and it compliments her amazing body beautifully..she has the most beautiful smile and is irresistible. Carla is so confident and comfortable with her body that it is impossible not to relax. We spent our time with mutual satisfaction and she introduced me to lingham massage.....if you have never tried this then see Carla soon. I have enjoyed Carla's company several times now and I will be back for more. I recommend anyone who wants to experience heaven on earth should spend time with Carla. ~Horniwilli

'Heavenly booblivion'

Heavenly booblivion. Connoisseurs of Lingham massage listen up! You are going to be moaning and writhing, and still Heavenly is going to edge/tease you mercilessly. It's utterly scrumptious agony. I totally submitted somewhere about 3 hours in. Groaning and whimpering and clutching at the bed was all I was capable of. Heavenly has the most gorgeous to-be-suffocated-by boobs -- just in case you think her Hands aren't giving you enough torture. Heavenly is threatening to take doubles with that other well-known Linghamist. They'd better have an ambulance standing by. And before you go, check your life insurance: does it cover erogenous exhaustion? ~Hardly_Noone

'Her sensual massage is one of a kind'

Lockdown has been tough and as I was scrolling through South Island girls looking for my next punt (which I desperately need) I spotted my all time favourite sensual massager I saw Carla either early this year or late last (can't remember) exactly but it was my 3rd time, the first 2 were around 2015 when she was based in Dunedin I was excited to see was back in the south and I see shes currently back in the south again right now! For me she offers a great friendly service with plenty of chat, eye contact is not a problem that if you can look past her two massive and beautiful boobs (which she knows how to use!), I once made a comment to her "you certainly know what a man likes" and that she certainly does. Her sensual massage is one of a kind and Ive had a few internationally aswell Don't procrastinate any longer, text her you won't be disappointed ~Shyguy88

'...Carla’s taking me to cock heaven'

I visited Miss Heavenly Hands in Dunedin this week when she was here and she sure really is a cock whisperer. She did things no one else has ever done for me. I had no control over when she was going to make me release. It was great having no control and those oily boobs rubbing all over me was mmmm. Would i visit again, omg I sure would. ~Fnseekerdn

'...this was next level'

Carla is well reviewed and her magic is probably well-apparent to those who care to read. But not everyone might be aware that she is currently visiting our lovely city from her usual southern haunts. But I was. So I jumped on the chance of finding out what it is all about. And find out I did, with an SM experience that was friendly and engaging, bountiful with her generosity, and left me fizzing and sparking from every neurone for minutes afterwards. A good SM orgasm usually lights me up a bit, but this was next level. Carla is a lovely woman and those breasts are truly something else. Fellow Aucks, catch her while you can. That is all I can say. Don't miss out. ~GWAucks

'Slow and gentle she took me to the edge but not over it'

...I made my way to her pleasant motel and loitered outside awaiting the green light as she told me she needed a few minutes to get ready. She obviously made the time count because when she opened the door she was all in black. Lingerie, corset & stockings. Given that her photos are among the best on NZG I knew in advance roughly what to expect. However I was not prepared for the sheer amazing reality of her bosom. As a boob man I was almost struck dumb and mumbled something as she invited me inside. What the photos don't show you is just what a nice lady she is. A kiss and small talk while I got my tongue back inside my head before she sent me through into the shower. As I made myself comfortable on the bed she removed everything but the stockings, tied her hair back and poured hot oil over her breasts. She teased me by rubbing herself over my body before her butterfly fingers began to work their magic. Her touch and technique is truly amazing and I have no idea how long she ran her fingers and body over mine. I would honestly say that I didn't think things could get better, but I found out I was wrong when she took me in her mouth. Slow and gentle she took me to the edge but not over it. And then the final act as she climbed astride me and guided me inside, rocking above me while I fondled her amazing breasts until I couldn't take it any more. All followed by a lovely relaxing massage while I drowsed in the glow of a great afternoon delight. Carla is an amazing lady, a true Big Beautiful Woman and I very much enjoyed finally meeting up with her. Her lingam massage is amazing but don't be afraid to try the full service that she has recently added to her repertoire. I would definitely recommend her. ~Johncarter

'...that was such prolonged pleasure'

Firstly I'd like to apologise to Carla (Heavenly Hands) about the delay in this review, the quality of the service certainly required an instant review!! Carla has had so many glowing reviews on here that when she advertised to be coming to Blenheim I pretty much had to see her. I had missed out, through no fault of hers the last time she had visited, so I duly organised an hour booking. (next time it will be two!) So after meeting in probably the nicest of the motels the visiting girls use, it was into the shower and onto the bed. And then she undressed!! . . . . . Oh my god!! Her boobs would be the biggest I've seen on really such a small lady. But man they work a treat, giving the best body slides ever. So it started with the most relaxing sensual back massage, tons of lovely hot oil, plenty of body slides and just total pleasure from head to toe. After what must have been 20 min or so it was roll over time, Thats when those amazing assets of hers really came into play . . . wrapped around my cock, lots of hot oil . . . up and down, fuck it felt so good! I was nearly at the point of bursting then she moves on to some gentle massage then back to the the boobs around the cock . . . fucking mind blowingly teasing WOW!! Then came the gentle but oh so mind bendingly awesome cock stimulation with those well trained hands (heavenly Hands!!) So many times I was nearly ready to blow . . . then she would ease back and I'd just melt with pleasure. This goes on for I couldn't say how long (probably cos I've almost lost the sense of reality) but then she brings me back with what ends up being quite a quick HJ, but man the orgasm is so intense. . . WOW again!, could have opted for the BJ but to be honest her skills with her hands where just so bloody lovely . . maybe next time! I really can't say enough about how awesome her service is, I have had plenty of SM's but her's is just at another level. Carla most obviously enjoys her work and I think gets a kick out of sending her client head over heals in extacy! I said to her at the end of the session, "that was such prolonged pleasure", Then later that evening I read her newspaper ad that was headed up Prolonged Pleasure! And it so is! Cheers Carla, I loved every second of it, Hope you liked the chocolate?!! Would unreservedly reccommend Heavenly Hands service! A half hour booking couldn't possibly be enough. ~Roy

I’ve wanted to see Carla for a very long time. I’ve heard so many good things about her, and I follow her on twitter, where she announced recently she’d been called the cock whisperer, and I’ll wager it wasn’t a gal that said that, and being a huge fan of having my cock whispered, and having a golden opportunity, I made a booking. Or Bob did. This was to be under the radar, a new sim and all, because sometimes it’s better that way. And yes, I’m a massive handjob fan. I love lots of things, but I’ll always have a soft spot for what a gal with good hands can do. And so it is, Carla’s taking me to cock heaven, sensual heaven, and there’s a few passengers along for the ride too, my whole body getting a serious pampering, she’s found e-zones I didn’t even know I had, giving me sensations I’ve never imagined, and I’ve imagined, and experienced, quite a few. And we have all the time in the world, it would seem, her pacing is beautiful, Adele the soundtrack for our morning. Carla is an artist. This was obvious from the start. I joke that I’m gonna be a starfish, but in truth that’s all you should do, at times like these, just lay back and enjoy the goodness. And she reminds me that I’d booked full service, but I just say next time, because I really don’t want this to end, this is grand, my blissful starfishness has me reluctant to contemplate anything else, and then she laughs and says let me give you a blowjob, and I’m thinking what the hell, if I don’t get a bj I’ll be the lamest punter on earth, but it transpires that the magic in Carla isn’t limited to her hands. Maybe I should have done that full service. The stars of the show return for the final chapter: those heavenly hands and the girl that guides them. And I have this theory that my, ah, handjobs, are the best, no disrespect intended to the girls that have got very close, and anyway you have other talents and attributes, but to be fair I have the advantage of actually knowing what hits the spot, yet Carla blows that theory out of the water, I have a lot to learn, it would seem. Adele croons softly in the background, the end is obviously very close but Carla’s gonna take me way up to that edge, hold me there, and slip me over, lovingly, in her own sweet time, her own sweet way, and it’s a beautiful thing. ~Slowhand

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