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Here you will find client perspectives on their time with me. If you wish to add your own you may email me directly or add your review on where it will be more visible.

It was hot humid and damp. About right for an overcast day in Paraparaumu in late March. It was going to get more so very soon. After a wonderfully polite and warm series of texts I stood at a sliding door and was greeted with a generous smile a mile wide and as genuine a welcome as I have ever experience from an escort. The demure attire hinted at the glorious form beneath and I am not ashamed to admit to having my breath taken away. A polite and extraordinarily pretty woman proffered a warm embrace which I fell into gratefully. Carla introduced herself and I headed for the shower after a long morning on the road. As I looked back I caught a glance of this magnificent woman extraordinary today. 

When i entered the room there she was, a vision of feminine pulchritude reclining on the bed in a very sexual attitude. Carla loves her lingerie and boy does it love her. Her curves, like her compliments, are generous and fulsome and I felt privileged to be in the same room with her. The conversation flowed immediately and a connection made that enhanced the whole experience to the next level. She intuitively knew what I needed it and provided it with a care and attention above and beyond my experiences of escorts past. I had booked the GFE and massage and my only regret was that I did not have more time to spare. A restrained and caring massage flowed nicely into some of the best breast sweeping I have encountered. Hardly surprising because Carla is truly gifted with the most wonderful pair of breasts. A man could happily die between them. She chose her moment to demurely ask if I was ready for oral with a coquettishly tilted head and a hint of devilment in her smile. Perfect. Just perfect. Her skills in this area didn't disappoint. And like all her services, it leaves you with a sensation of being cared for and the centre of attention. No going through the motions with this paragon of womanhood. Her attention to detail was genuine. From there she effortlessly and seemlessly climbed above me and tantalised me for what seemed like an eternity before she slowly slid down on my waiting body making the most of every inch on the way down. There are no words for just how sensual and erotic were the ensuing minutes. Or was it hours or days? Time stopped. She didn't. I was lost.


Afterwards we lay entangled in each others arms. Her curvaceous nylon encased leg draped over my hip. Just pure bliss. When I had recovered I felt a desperate need to reciprocate what this beautiful girl had done and she allowed me to pleasure her in return. If you get opportunity gentlemen I strongly urge you to take it. Her reaction is genuine and so damn sexy and she is a joy to give oral to. But you must earn it. Respect and politeness are paramount.


Still thirsting for more as this amazing woman kept me hard for two full hours, she began to take me on a sensual massage adventure that drove me insane and the consequent release coincided with a deep passionate kiss that rode my second climax perfectly. There was nothing left. We drifted off in each others arms as perfect lovers do. When we parted at the door a little later with a kiss and another trademark genuine hug, I felt a curious mixture of regret at leaving and of invigorated masculinity that made me feel ten feet tall, That is what pretty Carla will do for you. And do yourself a favour and thoroughly read her website before you book. Her intelligence and articulation will make you want her more and though she does not ask, you can pick up hints at little gifts you can provide which I promise will make your time with her even more extraordinary. Personally, I went for the cheese.

Do not cheat yourself of one of life's moments of perfection. This one is worth it. 

M. Kapiti May 2021

I visited Miss Heavenly Hands in Dunedin this week when she was here and she really is a cock whisperer she did things no one else has ever done for me. I had no control over when she was going to make me release. It was great having no control and those oily boobs mmmm. Would I visit again omg I sure would. 

Thanks Carla

- Funseekrdn Dunedin March 2021

Heavenly booblivion.


Connoisseurs of Lingham massage listen up! You are going to be moaning and writhing, and still Heavenly is going to edge/tease you mercilessly. It's utterly scrumptious agony. I totally submitted somewhere about 3 hours in. Groaning and whimpering and clutching at the bed was all I was capable of.

Heavenly has the most gorgeous to-be-suffocated-by boobs, just in case you think her hands aren't giving you enough torture. 

Heavenly is threatening to take doubles with that other well-known linghamist, They'd better have an ambulance standing by. And before you go, check your life insurance: does it cover erogenous exhaustion?

Hardly_noone Christchurch November 2020

Heavenly Hands and the rest of her is pretty great too!

First post-lockdown punt and all the stars came into alignment. Level 1 and Heavenly Hands visiting Wellington. I'd wanted to see her when she was based here. but time never allowed. Although the reviews of her lingham only service are impressive, it's been a while so I booked GFE and wow did she deliver. 

Carla is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her tits and arse are stunning - you could spend days lost with either or them - and she certainly enjoys your DATY!

The session started with a relaxing massage, which was as good as any I've received from a masseuse, let alone an escort; and of course better than that really because she was naked and you knew what was to come.

2 fab rounds, with some lingham encouragement in between to get things up and running again left us both drained. 

Carla's written a blog post about why she doesn't get many reviews - the only reason I can think for not reviewing her, is to ensure she doesn't get too busy the next time I'm in the same town as her. 

HornyasHell69 Wellington September 2020

Lockdown has been tough and as I was scrolling through South Island girls looking for my next punt (which I desperately need) I spotted my all time favourite sensual massager. 

I saw Carla either early this year or late last year, can't  remember exactly but it was my 3rd time, the first2 were around 2015 when she was based in Dunedin. I was excited to see she was back in the south.

For me she offers a great friendly service with plenty of chat, eye contact is not a problem if you can look past her two massive and beautiful boobs (which she knows how to use!), I once made a comment to her 'you certainly know what a man likes' and that she certainly does. 

Her sensual massage is one of a kind and I've had a few internationally as well. 

Don't procrastinate any longer, text her you won't be disappointed.

Shyguy Dunedin May 2020

This week I saw that Carla was in Hamilton. Now, say what you will about the tron its central location makes it very easy to pass through on your way somewhere else and I took advantage of that fact today.

As she only works by text, I sent a polite enquiry her way and was very fortunate to find she was free when I made contact.

Arrangements made, I made my way to her pleasant motel and loitered outside awaiting the green light as she told me she needed a few minutes to get ready. She obviously made the time count because when she opened the door she was all in black. Lingerie, corset and stockings.

Given that her photos are among the best on NZG I knew in advance roughly what to expect. However I was not prepared for the sheer amazing reality of her bosom. As a boob man I was almost struck dumb and mumbled something as she invited me inside. 

What the photos don't show you is just what a nice lady she is. A kiss and small talk while I got my tongue back inside my head before she sent me through into the shower. 

As I made myself comfortable on the bed she removed everything except the stockings, tied her hair back and poured hot oil over her breasts. She teased me by rubbing herself over my body before her butterfly fingers began to work their magic. 

Her touch and technique is truly amazing and I have no idea how long she ran her fingers and body over mine. I would honestly say that I didn't think things could get better, but I found out I was wrong when she took me in her mouth. Slow and gentle she took me to the edge but not over it.

And then the final act as she climbed astride me and guided me inside, rocking above me while I fondled her amazing breasts until I couldn't take it any more.

All followed by a lovely relaxing massage while I drowsed in the glow of a great afternoon delight. 

Carla is an amazing woman, a true Big Beautiful Woman and I very much enjoyed finally meeting up with her. Her lingam massage is amazing but don't be afraid to try the full service that she has recently added to her repertoire. I would definitely recommend her.

Johncarter Hamilton March 2020

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