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Erectile Dysfunction: Can I Help You?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

A gentleman once contacted me informing me he had undergone prostate surgery and could no longer get a full erection, and asked whether I could make him get one.

I replied honestly that if he couldn't get himself fully hard, I probably couldn't either. I explained that through using build up and relaxed, patient cock massage techniques, I could however help him explore his boundaries and perhaps push them.

Seemingly happy enough with my response he booked my lingam sensual massage service.

I treated him to a nude hot oil massage massage, body slide and teasing build up. As for the cock massage, I didn't find him difficult to deal with or very different from many of the other clients I see. It seemed to me his erection was at roughly 85% strength throughout the session. And that's plenty for me to work with, I don't even bat an eyelid at that.

When the session reached it's conclusion the man happily and excitedly informed me that he hadn't managed to get that hard or stay hard for so long since his operation. While I couldn't help him get fully hard, he commented that the session had gone much better than he had expected and that I did exactly what I said I would do - help him explore what he COULD do.

I cannot stress enough how common erectile dysfunction is, a large portion of the men I see experience this to some degree or other. Most do not inform me before or during our appointment, and this doesn't bother me. I'm guessing many figure sensual massage is perhaps a more suitable service to test the waters with, and i'm inclined to agree. The atmosphere is relaxed and there is no pressure on my visitor to 'perform', he is only expected to relax and receive.

Back when I first started doing sensual massage, and lingam in particular, I found there were certain cock massage techniques I couldn't do with some gents depending on how severe their ED was. This frustrated me a bit at first, feeling like I couldn't 'perform'. However, with maturity and experience I came to realise that with the skills I've learnt I'm probably better equipped to deal with ED than most. And while there are still certain techniques I can't always apply, there are always others I can.

I believe it is important to start with a relaxing massage and experience the buildup I like to create. Some gents with ED rush right from the start, hurriedly trying to get hard as if it's a race and they're doomed to fail if they can't achieve it within the first few minutes - and then feel stressed when they can't. This makes me feel stressed also and like I've failed them. Stress in this situation only makes it harder to achieve the desired goal. I believe a better way is to lie back, allow me to titillate and tease you and give the blood a good chance to flow to the relevant areas. The Beach Boys had it right when they said we'll get there faster if we take it slow.

Some men will only have a semi all throughout the service and that is fine, I will still have ways of touching them. If they enjoy receiving oral then it could be a good idea to have some extra money on hand in case they'd like to include that also (note oral is always done with protection). Other gents will continuously swing between hard and soft. This is very common and you may be surprised to learn it is considered a good thing when doing lingam massage as it helps stop you from climaxing too soon.

Some gentlemen choose to bring a cock ring to the session which is also absolutely fine and can be very helpful for some. Others find prostate massage very pleasurable and not dependent on having a full erection. If you have any particular likes that could enhance the session for you then don't hesitate to let me know.

If you have ED and you're keen on seeing me, I recommend you book for an hour lingam service. I only recommend you book a full service if you're interested in mutual pleasure and you do not expect to have sex. I absolutely think it best you don't put pressure on yourself to 'perform'.

While I cannot guarantee I can get you fully hard, I do possess skills you may not have experienced before. What I can guarantee is that I have the patience and desire to create a fulfilling and pampering experience for every respectful soul that I see, and will happily explore your boundaries with you.

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